Żubr beer

For centuries, the symbol of Polish nature - Żubr - has stood guard over the ancient Białowieża Primeval Forest. You cannot pass by him indifferently. The dignified and majestic King of the Forest always arouses respect among other species. When chaos creeps into his kingdom, he reminds us of the importance of the power of peace.

At the end of the day, when a well-deserved respite comes, everyone wants a Żubr by their side. You don't have to look far: look around the area to find it just around the corner. Żubr is always sure - its unchanging character is ensured by the Dojlidy Brewery, a showpiece of Podlasie brewing, built in 1768 by Hetman Jan Klemens Branicki, who survived to this day after numerous historical vicissitudes.

Żubr beer is the largest Polish beer brand, it is the pride of Podlasie and now also the main character in the newly opened Żubrowisko restaurant, on the main square in Białystok.

We should also remember that "Piwowar brews beer, but the bartender creates it" - which is the motto of Żubrowisko bartenders, whose hands guests have the opportunity to try some excellent Żubr serving variants that cannot be found anywhere else.

Żubr bows and warmly invites you to Żubrowisko, where it is good to rest next to Żubr.

Żubrowisko Restaurant